My last supper (breakfast)

Actually, I will mourn the coffee segment of my breakfast. I drink strong coffee, dark roast with just a little bit of soy creamer. It’s like espresso wannabe. But I only have two cups so maybe the withdrawals won’t be so bad. What I am allowed to drink is green tea (which has caffeine) and herbal teas which typically don’t. Oy.

Yesterday I started the ramp-down of “regular” food and ate like a hippie. Yogurt, nuts, salad with olive oil and vinegar, grapes, carrots and choked down some guacamole (I don’t care for the stuff but hear avocados are good for you). Great meal plan if you don’t like cooking, which I don’t. But oh-so boring.

Measurements taken, I’ll eat fruits and veggies again today and then the juices arrive tomorrow.

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