1/3 of the way there

Probably a little more than that, but I can only go so far with fractions.

So I made it through day 1 on the BluePrintCleanse (I chose a 3-day fast). Here are my take-aways: the juices taste WAY better than I expected. This is tough for me because I’m not a juice person. The only juice I like is fresh-squeezed orange juice, specifically from the local grove. Seriously, it’s the best stuff I’ve ever had and it’s like ambrosia. But juices from a store are sickeningly sweet to me, I assume because of added sweeteners. These cold-press juices taste more like what nature intended, but they figured out what combo/mixture balances each one perfectly. Although as with any juice, I can’t wait to brush my teeth afterward. It always feels like every sugar is clinging to my enamel.

My least favorite, however, is the one that I have to consume 3 of the 6 times. I suppose because it does the, ahem, excavation. It’s the veggie juice made of cucumbers and other stuff that I can’t name because all I taste is cucumbers. Which is probably why it’s not my favorite, I’m not a huge cucumber fan.

The pineapple juice is delightful, the lemonade-type is too (although I think it would be way better with vodka) and I really enjoyed the cashew milk. How do you milk a cashew anyway? Well it was tasty with hints of vanilla and cinnamon. I’d like to try it in coffee. Ya know, when I can have coffee again. BTW I’m pretty sure I had one of those coffee withdrawal headaches yesterday. Felt like a vice grip around my head. Seems better this morning.

The hunger would arrive but usually in time for the next juice. So no true hunger pangs. BUT.. I miss food. I have been blessed with a palate that truly appreciates food and all the tastes that come with it. I miss tasting food. Every ad I read in a magazine that had any image of food, or tv commercial, was making me long for it.

The other thing I’ll note is the amount of liquid you take in. I typically drink water all day long, but I don’t think I consume 100oz in a day. The BluePrint folks recommend you drink water in between all the juices. By the time I finish a juice, my belly is full of liquid and the last thing I want is water. I didn’t do well with that task yesterday, I’ll try and improve today. And how do I say this delicately.. I assumed my urine would be all kinds of crazy colors considering the stuff I was putting in my body. It was nearly clear all day long, as if I were only consuming water.

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