This is it!

I have to admit, I’ve gotten used to this regimen. It’s almost satisfying on some weird level that I was able to restrain myself enough for 2 days and completely stick to the menu. Meaning, I haven’t had one snack nor a cup of black coffee—and, although it was tempting—I didn’t even chew something tasty and then spit it out. And believe me, I contemplated it.

It’s not that the juices aren’t tasty. Even my least favorite is something that I would definitely drink on purpose if I wanted a shot of vegetables. But I really, truly miss eating food. It’s all in the taste, not about being sated. Some people are addicted to drugs or alcohol, I truly love food. And I know it’s a real love because my sister is the opposite and I’ve never understood it.

One odd urge I’ve had through this whole thing, is the want to smoke. I’m a former cigarette smoker and I do love it so, but don’t do it for obvious reasons. I never think about smoking, but during this cleanse when I couldn’t eat, I wished I could step outside and puff on a smoke. So I think the lesson here is that I’ve got some oral thing going on. That’s all we need to say about that.

So day 3 and my weight has gone down 4 pounds, I weighed in at 125. I’m guessing this is water weight, but my tummy sure feels better. Not all bloated and pudgy feeling. In fact I’ve lost an inch off my waist. Again, not sure how long that’ll last. Obviously it’s up to me to work at it but once I eat solid food, am I going to blow up like a Macy’s balloon? Only time will tell.

I do miss coffee, but I think I’m going to keep the lemon water routine. So every morning while my coffee is brewing, I’ll drink a full glass of room temp water with a half lemon in it. The BluePrintCleanse folks recommended it, and then yesterday I read this post. So why the heck not? Seems like nothing but good can come from it.

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