Coffee: sweet nectar of the Gods

I found myself singing to my coffee maker this morning. True story.

I got a tattoo a few years back, which I love. It took 3 hours to do. I was fine for the first 2.5 hours, but in that last half hour I really started to get irritated and I think I might have threatened the lovely tattoo arteest. And that’s about what happened during this fast. Day 1 and day 2 went by with a few pangs, but overall doable. By midday on day 3, I was downright angry. Last night as I drank the last bottle of the green stuff, I was making faces and probably audible sounds. Friends posting pictures of their delicious dinners to facebook and twitter only made things worse.

Last night I believe I got into some serious dehydration. I wasn’t expecting it, because on days 1 and 2 I had a hard time drinking more water since I was already drinking 100oz of “meals” each day. Yesterday afternoon I kept getting chills and it wasn’t cold out. I also wasn’t feeling very good, so I took a nice, hot bath and broke a good sweat (I’ve got a jetted tub). Then after the bath I couldn’t drink enough water. This was after I finished all the juices for the day. I think I drank another 60oz of water before bed.

So now we know that my discipline only goes so far, which is probably why I’m a jack of all trades and master of nothing. I’m really good at learning anything and then once I figure it out, I move onto something else. Truly the story of my life.

However I am going to make some major lifestyle changes. Interestingly, I thought the changes would be to my fitness routine but instead, it will be dietary. I’ve long been a person who pays attention to ingredient labels—the shorter they are, the better. And with words I can understand. But I’ve slacked and now I intend to pick that diligence back up. It’s only pure laziness and giving into my cravings that lead me astray.

A few take-aways: it would be nice if the juice people figured out how to incorporate a broth into the regimen. Some of us like warm food at least once a day, particularly at dinner. I might have gotten a little more excited to eat some sort of soup instead of the cold stuff all day long. I realize super-heating food kills the good stuff, but I think we could be trusted to control the heat. Also, they should emphasize workouts more. I think it’s important during a detox to work up a good sweat. Of course, then you need to drink a thousand more gallons of water. Which is easy to do when you’re working out.

I’ve lost 5 pounds, but I’m guessing this is water weight. My bloated belly has gone back to normal, and it’s glorious. I’ll try and be diligent with this blog as it’ll keep me honest and see if I can’t keep up the “new” cleaner lifestyle.

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