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Bye-bye Blackberry, hello iPhone 5

I was one of the last hold-outs. I’ve had a Blackberry since 2007 (when they looked like this) and I loved it. I upgraded to the Curve and then most recently to the Torch. Who wouldn’t love the Torch? It has all the popular touch-screen features, but when you’re ready to type, you slide out a magnificent keyboard.

The keyboard has been my main reason for holding out, but not the only one. Interestingly enough, I’m a Mac person. I’ve been working on Macs since 1993 and have never owned a “regular” PC. I have an iMac, a MacBook Air, 2 iPods and an iPad. And for all those devices, I prefer the Mac OS. But when it comes to my phone, I like being able to customize and drill down to the tiniest degree. The Blackberry satisfied that; having had an iPad for over a year, I knew the iPhone was basically the same device and therefore I knew I couldn’t customize it as well as my trusty Blackberry.

But keys! I like keys. I like that confirmation when I type a letter, that soft-padded click of a key.

The Blackberry corporation didn’t keep up. I don’t know why or how the company that created smart phones with full QWERTY keyboards ended up being so flat-footed while all these newcomers shoved their face in the sand. But that’s the beauty of the free market—keep up or get washed away.

The other problem I had was compatibility, and that’s where I love this new iPhone. My calendars and contacts seamlessly sync with each other. No conflicts, no questions asked. If I put something in my phone’s calendar, it magically appears on my laptop and iPad. Same with my contacts and a few other things I’ve got set up through Cloud.

So what if it takes me an hour to type one sentence. I’m told to be patient, that it’ll just happen. I’ll miss the little blinking red light, the perfect alarm and alerts, the padded click of confirmation when I type; but I’m not gonna lie, I like the big screen with super retina display. And the speed—my God the speed at which everything launches on this iPhone. With my Blackberry I avoided using the browser. I’d do it if I were in a pinch and learned to find my center and calm down because every page is going to take a year to load. And I’m not going to miss the touchy trackpad. My Torch is only 1 year old, and about 10 months in, the trackpad started having a mind of its own. It would go into hyperactive mode in the middle of me typing a text or email, changing characters into weird symbols and inserting the cursor where it didn’t belong. I can’t tell you how often I was tempted to throw it over my balcony as I retyped the same word 1,000 times.

With sweet sorrow, I say goodbye Blackberry, you were a work horse. Hello iPhone 5, you’re my sassy new assistant that ain’t so hard on the eyes.

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