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Good heavens

According to the US Army, as a Catholic I’m an extremist. Lumped right in with Hamas and Al Qaeda.

What’s most ridiculous is they’re basing this info on a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center. If you want to talk about extremists, they’re one of the most racist organizations I’ve ever heard of.

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Want to get married? Stop being so damn liberal

First off, my sincere apologies for making you click on a link that will direct you to the Huffington Post. The last thing I’d want to do is drive anymore traffic to this liberal bastion. However, this is a very good article and it’s worth it. What I find fascinating is the irony; that to be a true partner is to be unselfish, and in essence, conduct yourself in a less overtly liberal way. The biggest problem with today’s youth and the whole liberal mindset is that of insane self-centeredness and victimhood. So this article basically says, “stop thinking about yourself so much, and think about others and the impact you have on their lives.” *gasp* the horror!

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