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Good heavens

According to the US Army, as a Catholic I’m an extremist. Lumped right in with Hamas and Al Qaeda.

What’s most ridiculous is they’re basing this info on a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center. If you want to talk about extremists, they’re one of the most racist organizations I’ve ever heard of.

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Ok, I’m over it.

I’ve been good.. But if I don’t get some real, tasty, solid, warm food soon, I’m gonna lose my mind.


That is all.

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Madge likes Obama

Is akin to saying “water is wet.” Gotta give the old broad credit for putting her own creative flourish of calling him a half-black Muslim. At least she kept her boobs tucked in while gettin’ all political.

But what I find more interesting is the crowd reaction. It’s not overwhelming and full of happy cheer. I think I even hear a few boos. I know my friends over at GOProud probably love Madonna, but won’t be voting for Obama.

Can Madonna even vote in this election? I thought she now has a British accent and lives in jolly England. Then again, we don’t seem to mind when non citizens cast their vote in major elections.

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Spin cycle

Today during a campaign speech, Romney said that Obama didn’t raise taxes during his presidency. I can think of one tax, namely the big behemoth that none of us wanted, which will effect each and every tax paying American.

Several pundits on the right are wondering why the hell he’d say such a thing. I’m sure we can say it was a gaffe, but then again according to the mainstream media, every word that drops out of Gov Romney’s mouth is a gaffe.

But what I look forward to most is how the MSM will cover this. The statement is untrue, it is a fact that Obama did raise our taxes.. but they don’t like pointing out anything that makes Obama look bad. So I don’t expect them to point their finger, shout “A-HA, Romney lies again! Obama DID raise taxes and whole shitload!”

We have a sneak peak already. Here’s ABC news’ spin on it:

Indeed, Republicans have spent much of the election season criticizing Obama for adding to the middle class tax burden, most recently citing in a campaign email blast the 6 million Americans expected to face a tax penalty for violating the Affordable Care Act’s insurance mandate.

And there you have it. They won’t claim it to be true, they’ll couch it as a “Republican claim.”

At some point I hope they realize that we see their thinly veiled attempt at a wording sleight-of-hand, but what they’re doing is deplorable and what they print is filth. Long live the new media.


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Want to get married? Stop being so damn liberal

First off, my sincere apologies for making you click on a link that will direct you to the Huffington Post. The last thing I’d want to do is drive anymore traffic to this liberal bastion. However, this is a very good article and it’s worth it. What I find fascinating is the irony; that to be a true partner is to be unselfish, and in essence, conduct yourself in a less overtly liberal way. The biggest problem with today’s youth and the whole liberal mindset is that of insane self-centeredness and victimhood. So this article basically says, “stop thinking about yourself so much, and think about others and the impact you have on their lives.” *gasp* the horror!

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There’s no hope for America

I struggle with the idea that is put forth: that all kids need to go to college to get a good job. Apart from the fact that today’s youth apparently hate the idea of working, or corporate America, it’s just a load of crock. Why don’t people see that they’re being thrown into a machine that serves to indoctrinate our youth while feeding overblown salaries of “educators?” Here’s a better idea, start working retail while in high school. Get a sense of responsibility and pride outside of your parents, who probably think you do no wrong. Learn what it’s like to work hard and earn money from people other than who gave birth to you. I guarantee you’ll become a better individual and productive member of society.

If you still insist that every child must get a child education, here’s something that should give you pause if you have a modicum of common sense.

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